For mechanical application we recommend the following equipment:

DUO MIX 2000
To power the device, a 380 V electrical connection and a ¾ inch water supply line with 2 bar minimum water pressure are necessary. For optimum machine settings, 3 tests were conducted. These tests were carried out using a 14 mm diameter nozzle and a 25 mm hose with the length of
10 m.

Due to the special characteristics of our plaster, it is required to use the following accessories:

Screw spray pump D8/1.5
For Multisan plaster application, due to the lower bulk density it is necessary to set the device pressure at 10 bars and the water flow rate at 650 liters per hour.

Our tests were carried out inside a building at a temperature of 20 °C. Settings must always be adapted to the local conditions (e.g. whether you are applying in direct sunlight, working at a different height than that of the device etc.).

For more detailed information on operating the DUO MIX 2000 and DUO MIX PLUS as well as the device settings, it is necessary to read the instruction manual. If you do not receive the instruction manual when hiring the equipment, it can be sent electronically upon request.