Damp masonry renovation and subsequent insulatinge

Pack size 7kg

Usage 7 kg = m2 = 22mm

Price per pack on request


Purely dry lime mortar mix with hydrophobic effects, suitable for external and internal use. It has high thermal insulating properties (up to 17 times higher than conventional plaster) and is used for difficult cases, such as wet masonry renovation below ground where a high risk of condensation exists and when the building must be insulated from the inside. It does not contain cement; it is metakaolin based. Both manual and mechanical application are possible.

Thanks to its thermal insulation characteristics, Multisan saves up to 40% of heating costs. In comparison with the WTA requirements, it has more than twice the volume of pores (76%), which significantly increases its service life and eliminates the formation of cracks and shrinkage cracks.

Areas of use

Multisan renovating plaster is intended for the surface treatment of external and internal walls. It is suitable for use both as a base coat and as a final surface treatment.

Suitable for

  • Historic buildings (lime only programme)
  • At-risk construction below ground level.
  • Reconstructing single-family homes
  • Flood damaged buildings
  • Buildings with high moisture stress.

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